Concrete precast wall extensions

Alfa exclusive walls manufacture and erect precast concrete walls. Alfa Exclusive walls also do precast wall extensions. We specialize in precast wall extensions as people are extending their precast concrete walls for more security and privacy to their premises so that criminals can not gain access to their yards. Prices for precast wall extensions is better than erection of new higher precast concrete walls. If you want better security and privacy on your property now you can quickly extend your precast concrete wall with less fuss and rubble. It usually takes only one day to extend your precast wall and we can usually extend your precast wall within a couple off days after you place the order. If you extend your precast concrete wall there is no damage to your yard as we do not have to dig holes or remove an fence wall. Also your vegetation will not be damaged by concrete wall wheelbarrows and material going up and down your premises. Extending your precast concrete  wall is a fast, save way of increasing your  security and privacy at a price that will suit your budget. Alfa Exclusive walls have factories in Eikenhof and Pretoria, we can therefore service the whole Gauteng area.