Prefab precast walls

Alfa Exclusive walls is gearing up for the year end Prefab precast concrete walling rush. We are approaching the end of the year and Prefab precast concrete walling industry is heating up as people would want their Prefab precast walling jobs done before year end. Alfa Exclusive walls have planned for this by building up our Prefab precast walling stock and making sure we can meet this extra demand for Prefab precast concrete walls we will be able to service our customers in a fast and efficient way. Please contact us and we will service you with a Prefab precast walling quotation and erection date that will suit your pocket and needs. We will usually be able to help within 10 days of acceptance of your quote depending on the availability of our Prefab precast walling erection teams.

You can also DIY by buying the prefab precast walling materials from our factory in Eikenhof and the doing the installation yourself. Prefab precast concrete wallingstock is readily available and you will then save some money as well. If you are looking for a repairs and extension  to prefab precast walling  we can also help with fast and efficient service and can usually repair your wall for a much lower price than what a new Prefab precast wall normally would cost. Our Prefab precast walling extensions is also much quicker and less expensive than new Prefab precast walls. December will be to late for your Prefab precast walling project as there might be year end delays that will be very disappointing.

Please phone Christiaan on 0828753171 for an estimate. We also do free site visits and will then do a written quote on site. For your next DIY or complete Prefab precast walling project you only need 1 phone call and all your needs will be taken care off.